Los Angeles Environmental Site Assessment Company

Geo Forward is a Downtown Los Angeles Environmental Engineering company. The team is comprised of geologists, engineers, and contractors with expertise in all services related to soil, groundwater, subsurface contamination, and earthwork construction.

A Downtown Los Angeles Environmental Engineering

Geo Forward, Inc. is a Downtown Los Angeles environmental engineering company. Accordingly, primary projects involve multi-tenant residential, commercial, and industrial development projects. In fact, primary services include environmental site assessments, soil and groundwater contamination cleanup, groundwater monitoring, vapor mitigation systems, geological surveys, and more.

Building Downtown with a Forward-Thinking State of Mind

The professional objective of the Geo Forward Team is to provide quality environmental and geological engineering services, with forward-thinking strategies to satisfy all the parties of a project. Moreover, Geo Forward’s forward-thinking business strategy honors the fundamental requirements of Clients. Similarly, it maintains the standards of regulatory agencies and emphasizes budgets, schedules, and public health and safety.

What Sets Us Apart?

The Geo Forward team includes licensed professional geologists, engineers, and contractors. The core business model of Geo Forward involves providing Clients with exceptional engineering and geological services. Moreover, the Geo Forward team knows the complexities behind development projects in Downtown Los Angeles. Consequently, our team sees to it that all environmental engineering tasks are followed through without confusion or regret.

From the earliest stages of project planning, we make it a point to propose a comprehensive scope of work, which meets the minimum standards. As a result, we do not shy away from spending more time writing proposals or presenting more extensive scopes of work. The goal is to eliminate any unknowns and changes during actual fieldwork.

In addition to establishing a reliable scope of work, Geo Forward accomplishes projects by setting the highest standards for fieldwork.  Our fieldwork standards require the organization of the job site setting, continuous updating of schedules with an awareness of deadlines, daily health and safety management activities and worker feedback sessions, diligent note-taking with detailed documentation, using modern technology, complying with all regulatory agency oversight, communicating with other affiliated contractors, architects and engineers and lastly, following strict guidelines and work plans to keep our promise with clients.

Another Geo Forward objective entails providing Clients with top-quality reports. For instance,  each report includes simplistic summaries that link to further explanations of data and analysis. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of these reports entices the reader for a better understanding.