Environmental Consulting Services

Geo Forward’s environmental consulting services include environmental site assessments, subsurface contamination remediation, property condition evaluations, hazardous vapor mitigation, and other applications.



Environmental Engineering & Construction

Environmental Sustainability

Animal Rights & Welfare

Environmental Compliance

Geology & Earth Science

Geo Forward, Inc. offers a variety of environmental consulting services to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies, environmental laws, and property owners.  Scopes of work range from investigative file review tasks to fieldwork, engineering, and construction.

Due Diligence Environmental Consulting

Due diligence environmental consulting services are geared to evaluate the liability risk prior to acquiring any real property. This is because new landowners can be held liable for the environmental liabilities of a contaminated property, or buildings with hazardous materials.

Contamination Remediation Consulting Services

Remediation environmental consulting services are directed to reduce the extent of contamination of soil and/or groundwater. Remediation projects can include various scopes of work, generally depending on: the historical and current land use; urgency for cleanup; known chemical(s) of concern; matrix of contamination; peak concentrations of contaminants; lateral and vertical extent of the contamination plume;  and more.