Grading & Excavation

Lic No: 1010931

Grading projects require the excavation of soil, and can be done to level land for building sites, roadways, crop fields, and more, or to create drainage dips, channels, ditches, and trenches. Grading work is performed by excavating contractors using graders or dozers, based on specifications designed by engineers, and marked by a land surveyor.

Cut and fill type grading specifically requires removing soil from high spots (cut) and filling soil into lower spots (fill) in effort to make an area level, or create a controlled slope.  The “fill” portion of this process often requires soil compaction and testing to measure the density of the soil underlying a proposed structure.  To learn more about compaction testing, see our Soil Compaction Testing Page.

Earthwork, Grading & Excavation Geo Forward
Earthwork, Grading & Excavation – Photo By AAK Geo Forward

The Geo Forward team is comprised of experienced excavating contractors, engineers, and geologists that can complete grading projects safely and correctly.  For more questions, please call (888) 930-660.