Volcanic Rock (Igneous) Definition

A “Volcanic Rock” is an igneous rock that is finely crystalline and glassy (or aphanitic). To illustrate, volcanic rocks result from volcanic action at the earth’s surface. Typically, this also includes igneous intrusions that are “near-surface,” which may otherwise be considered plutonic. This action results in a final rock that is different in consistency, texture, and formation, comparing to other igneous rocks that crystalize underground. Moreover, most volcanic rocks are violently ejected or calmly extruded in the form of lava (liquid phase rock).

Examples of Volcanic Rock Types in Igneous Rock Classification

  • alkali-feldspar rhyolite
  • rhyolite (liparite)
  • dacite
  • quartz-alkali (-feldspar) trachyte
  • alkali (-feldspar) trachyte
  • foid-bearing alkali (-feldspar) trachyte
  • quartz trachyte
  • trachyte
  • foid-bearing trachyte
  • quartz latite
  • latite
  • foid-bearing latite
  • andesite
  • calc-alkaline andesite
  • andesite
  • mugearites
  • basalt
  • tephritic phonolite
  • phonolite tephrite (basanite)
  • tephrite
  • basanite
  • phonolitic foidite
  • tephritic foidite
  • foidite

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