Environmental Construction

Environmental Construction

Geo Forward offers a variety of environmental construction services. These services are geared towards residential, commercial and industrial properties undergoing new construction, renovation, or demolition. Each project is planned with an emphasis on worker and public safety, as well as scheduling and budgets.

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Health & Safety

Health and safety is the primary concern for all of Geo Forward’s construction projects.  Safe working environments require job site organization, good housekeeping, training, protective gear, communication, and monitoring.  Geo Forward uses an in-house health and safety program named “Safely Forward,” designed to monitor job site safety, provide feedback and follow-up with workers for resolution.

Environmental construction is conducted with an emphasis on safety.


Pre-Construction Evaluation of Budget & Schedule

Considering the variable changes and obstacles of construction, a pre-construction evaluation of timeline and costs is required to finish on time and in budget.  Geo Forward, Inc. provides pre-construction evaluations that include scheduling review, cost analysis, feasibility studies, labor and materials review, scope of work evaluation, permitting approval and inspection, contract/agreement evaluation, and more.  Pre-construction evaluations reduce the risk of loss.

Environmental Construction - Underground Utility Locators

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