LADBS Methane Testing Agency Roster-List

The LADBS Methane Testing Agency Roster-List is part of a larger alphabetical list of official companies that have certifications to work on behalf of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). The ongoing certification program is organized by the LADBS, and maintains compliance procedures and operating standards for each company acting on their behalf. Additionally, the list includes each company’s primary contact information. Moreover, the roster includes each certification and license number, license type, and expiration date. Lastly, the roster also includes various types of agency licenses, other than methane testing companies. For instance, the list additionally includes companies that perform: welding performance tests; soil lab testing; concrete testing; and more. Updated April, 8, 2024.

Geo Forward is a methane test and methane mitigation design company on the LADBS Methane Testing Agency Roster-List.

The LADBS Roster is in Alphabetical Order

Viewers should know the LADBS Roster lists companies in alphabetical order. As a result, there is no preference in order. The companies simply beginning with the letter “A” are on the first page. This is NOT an order of preference.

What to Look For

Due to the alphabetical order of this list, best practices suggest a broader approach to finding companies, as opposed to referring to those on just the first page. In fact, some of the most reputable firms (also with the best prices) start with letters other than “A.” As a result, these highly regarded companies tend to be found within the middle pages. So the best results are likely to come from scrolling through all the agencies within the list during the bidding phases of work. You can also use the “Control + F” tool to search the term “Methane Field Testing” to find each of the companies offering this service. And it shouldn’t take more than a minute to go through them all.


Moreover, make sure the company you’re hiring from the LADBS Methane Testing Agency Roster List is qualified and has integrity. For instance, one of the many requirements is to hold an active and clear license with the Board for Professional Engineers, Geologists and Land Surveyors. Best practices suggest performing an online background search of the company before commissioning. Make sure the company and its members don’t have a criminal history of fraud or misrepresentation.

Suspiciously Low Prices

Equally important, watch out for the suspiciously low prices! A proper methane test isn’t cheap. Companies with less integrity may offer a price much lower than the average. But what you’re not told is about the short-cutting of the test in order to reduce their costs, and increase their profits. Typically, these cuts make the report below LADBS Standards. And suspiciously low-costing reports have the highest risk of rejection by the LADBS.

License Expiration

Lastly, some companies have expired licenses, yet they might still try to bid on a job. This is definitely an issue to keep an eye out for. A report from an expired agency might end up being useless after everything’s been paid for. The LADBS Methane Testing Agency Roster lists each license number and expiration date for your reference.

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