Los Angeles Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Company

Originally a Los Angeles Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment company, Geo Forward provides Southern California with environmental engineering, due diligence, and construction services. With additional offices from San Francisco, CA to Houston, TX, the team provides Desktop Environmental Reports, SBA Transaction Screen Assessments, Phase 1 ESAs, and Phase 2 Subsurface Investigations, nationwide. Updated April 9, 2024.

A Los Angeles Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment typically entails greater amounts of data than most other Southern California regions. The City’s long history with the oil industry, manufacturing, and land developers provides an abundance of historical land-use information. As a result, records keeping with agencies such as the Los Angeles Building Department, LA Fire Department, Public Works, and Public Health are generally comprehensive. In fact, most cities with a long history of development often keep a plethora of data for environmental professionals to review during the Phase 1 ESA process.

A Phase 1 Environmental Company in Los Angeles, California

The Geo Forward headquarters are in the Financial District of Downtown Los Angeles. However, the environmental consulting team occupies various field office locations, such as Orange County, South Bay, San Fernando Valley, and Santa Clarita. And beyond Southern California, field offices in the Bay Area and the State of Texas allow for nationwide outreach.

Los Angeles Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Company
Los Angeles Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Company

Southern California Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Geo Forward provides its Clients with optimized ESA reports to increase the efficiency of the reader. For instance, executive summaries are provided with each Los Angeles Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. And each summary provides the reader with essential data about any RECs, HRECs, or CRECs, at the Subject Property, within 30 to 60 seconds of time. Moreover, each PDF report comprises a series of hyperlinks to figures, diagrams, and references for fast fact-checking. And all reporting standards are in accordance with ASTM guidelines for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment reports.

Downtown Los Angeles is the primary farm area for the Geo Forward headquarters office. Accordingly, the projects mostly involve industrial buildings, commercial facilities and large-scale residential developments, such as apartments and condominium complexes. As a Los Angeles environmental site assessment company, services include real estate due diligence reports. For example, ESA reports, property condition assessments (PCAs), asbestos surveys, lead base paint tests, and more.

The Geo Forward team provides accurate and fast environmental due diligence services, with a forward-thinking formula. In fact, the strategy considers the fundamental requests by Clients, meanwhile maintaining the regulatory agency standards, all within the planned budget and schedule of the project.