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Environmental Engineering Los Angeles

Environmental Engineering Los Angeles

Environmental Engineering Los Angeles: Geo Forward, Inc. is a full-service environmental engineering firm. The company’s headquarters are in the financial district of downtown Los Angeles. Geo Forward’s environmental engineering Los Angeles team additionally includes support offices in the San Fernando Valley and inland empire. Moreover, Geo Forward has an office in San Francisco, California, and Houston, Texas. And Geo Forward also provides geotechnical engineering services as well as environmental. Updated October 20, 2021.

Los Angeles Locations:

Admin & Mail Office:
254 North Lake Avenue, Suite 151
Pasadena, California 91101

Downtown Los Angeles:
445 South Figueroa Street, Suite 3100
Los Angeles, California 90071

NOHO Arts District:
5250 Lankershim Boulevard, Suite 500
North Hollywood, California 91601

South Bay:
400 Continental Boulevard, 6th Floor
El Segundo, California 90245

Environmental Engineering Los Angeles:

The environmental engineering Los Angeles team specializes in commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential projects. The team comprises geologists, engineers, and contractors with expertise in soil, groundwater, subsurface contamination, and earthwork construction. The primary services include environmental site assessments, subsurface investigations, and groundwater contamination cleanup. Similarly, Geo Forward also provides geotechnical investigations, geological surveys, excavation, grading, and more.

Building Downtown Los Angeles

The professional objective of the Geo Forward team is to provide quality environmental and geological engineering services, with forward-thinking strategies to satisfy all the parties of a project. For instance, Geo Forward’s forward-thinking business strategy honors the fundamental requirement of the Client, maintains the standards of regulatory agencies, and emphasizes budgeting, scheduling, and public safety.

What Sets Us Apart?

The core business model of Geo Forward, Inc. involves providing our Clients with exceptional engineering and geological services. This group of professionals understands the complexities behind development projects. Consequently, this team accomplishes engineering and environmental tasks, without confusion or regret by Clients.

A comprehensive scope of work is proposed from the earliest stages of project planning. As a result, the work meets the minimum standards for all oversight agencies. And spending more time on proposals and presentations of these extensive scopes of work is encouraged to eliminate change orders. Additionally, Geo Forward accomplishes projects by setting the highest standard for fieldwork. For instance, field standards entail organization of the site setting, continuous updates, awareness of deadlines, health and safety management, and worker feedback sessions. Moreover, diligent note-taking and detailed documentation, and modern technology also assist with safety and agency compliance. Equally important, proper communication practices with affiliated contractors, architects, and engineers, as well as following strict guidelines, help keep promises to Clients.

Reports & Executive Summaries

Furthermore, the Geo Forward objective entails providing Clients with top-quality reports. All team members produce reports with simplistic executive summaries, alongside supporting data and analysis. Reports also incorporate an element of aesthetic appeal to entice the readers.

The Geo Forward team includes licensed professional geologists, engineers, and contractors with experience in engineering geology, environmental engineering, water resources, and the earthwork construction fields. Geo Forward also includes an affiliated team of professionals with licenses and educational backgrounds for out-of-the-ordinary tasks.

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