Environmental Engineering Houston, Texas

Environmental Engineering Houston: Geo Forward is an environmental engineering firm located in the downtown area of Houston, Texas. The Houston team prides itself on its expertise in commercial/industrial and multi-family residential developments. And the lead project managers are highly familiar with the State’s latest regulations. This team is led by a senior geologist, and a team of project managers, engineers, and agency liaisons, with an extensive background in subsurface contamination. Moreover, the team is well-versed in the area of land development and earthwork construction in the state of Texas. Typical services include Phase 1 ESA Reports, Phase 2 ESA Reports, and soil contamination remediation. In the second place, the team provides geotechnical servicesgeological engineering reportsexcavation support, and petroleum engineering compliance. Support offices are conveniently located in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. Updated December 17, 2023.

Environmental Engineering Houston Texas Office

Houston Texas Location:
1001 Texas Avenue, Suite 1400

Houston, Texas, 77002

Environmental Science & Engineering Services

The Geo Forward team aims to provide developers with top-quality environmental engineering services. This includes Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, Phase 2 Environmental Tests, Methane Soil Testing, Methane Mitigation, and Remediation/Clean-up services. Geo Forward accomplishes environmental and geotechnical services with a forward-thinking strategy. This is to efficiently meet the needs of Clients and regulatory agencies. The forward-thinking business strategy provides an emphasis on project deadlines, finance, safety, and work quality. Geo Forward’s environmental engineering Houston Texas team includes licensed professionals with experience in engineering geology, environmental engineering, water resources, and the earthwork construction fields.

Underground Storage Tank Removal in Texas

Regulatory agencies are increasing the requirements and standards for recognizable environmental conditions, such as underground storage tanks (USTs). The contractors and engineers at Geo Forward are experts in underground storage tank removal procedures. And the team’s esteemed geologists are experts in the soil testing and remediation process required by oversight agencies. From the permitting stages to excavation and disposal, this team has what it takes to get the job done by Texas environmental laws.

Property Condition Assessments in Houston

Property Condition Assessments are a common requirement amongst investors, purchasers, and lenders at the pre-purchase stages of commercial and multi-family developments. The engineers and certified building contractors at Geo Forward are experts in structural design theory and Texas building standards. And Geo Forward property condition evaluations are performed in accordance with national ASTM standards and building codes. For more detailed information, please refer to the Geo Forward National Property Condition Report page.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Services

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a comprehensive investigation that currently evaluates the environmental history and potential risks on a property. This environmental due diligence report aims to actively identify and assess any existing or historical contamination that may currently pose environmental liabilities. It involves an ongoing thorough review of available records, site inspections, and interviews, with the ongoing goal of providing a detailed overview of the property. This service actively assists prospective property buyers, lenders, and developers in making informed decisions regarding potential environmental concerns before acquiring or developing a site. For more detailed information, please refer to the Geo Forward National Phase I Environmental page.