How Much Does an LADBS Methane Soil Test Cost?

LADBS Methane Soil Test Cost & Price

An LADBS Methane Soil Test cost can vary, depending on property conditions and plans for development. In fact, a proper methane test price for a standard job can range between $2,000 and $10,000. However, site-specifics can change the price on a case-by-case basis. Thus, a phone consultation is highly recommended to get a site-specific cost. Because a methane test comprises drilling, sampling, analysis, reporting and licensing, the cost does add up. Companies that offer a “suspiciously low price” typically result in rejection, change-orders, re-testing, and lawsuits. A price quote lower than $2,000 warrants concern. This article provides information and insight on pricing for a proper Methane Testing Report. Updated April 8, 2020.

LADBS Methane Soil Test Cost & Price

LADBS Methane Soil Test Cost & Price (creativecommonsstockphotos)

What Justifies the Price for an LADBS Methane Soil Test Cost?

Consumers must understand that Methane Testing comprises many pillars to meet the requirements of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. These facets combine to complete a proper test and justify the minimum price of $2,000. Mitigation plans are not part of the testing process.

Laboratory Certifications & Professional Geologists

For instance, the company must qualify and maintain an active Laboratory Testing Agency License with the City of Los Angeles. Furthermore, the job requires multiple days of fieldwork by licensed professional geologists and drillers. The mobilization, materials and professional costs of drilling alone result in thousands of dollars.

Drilling Rigs & Sample Materials

Above drilling, there is also a requirement for these projects to include oversight and certification by a professional geologist. From the project planning stages to the soil gas sample collection and analysis, a state-certified professional must be in charge. By the standards of the City of Los Angeles, geologists, engineers, and drillers must install soil gas probes at various depths and locations, and collect samples for analysis.

Sampling & Analysis 

The analytical results of an LADBS Methane Soil Gas Test are the basis for report preparation. Following State EPA and DTSC standards, geologists perform soil gas sampling and testing from the field and in the laboratory. Analytical data is produced in tabular form, for the review of a senior geologist. This is the primary step for quality assurance and quality control.

Report Preparation

Methane reports are comprehensive and factor in many aspects of the property. For example, a methane test report can discuss historical land-use, site geology and hydrogeology, parcel characteristics, planned development, surrounding properties, and building code requirements. Moreover, the analytical results provide insight on the LADBS Site Design Level. And a professional geologist appropriately concludes and recommends per the standards of the LA City Building Codes.

Ramifications of “Suspiciously Low Cost” Reports

Many consumers complain about unethical methane soil testing consultants that “hook clients” over a suspiciously low price. According to these unhappy customers, these unethical companies typically boast about having “many years of experience,” and offer prices drastically below the competition. 

Prices Too Low = Improper Testing

Consequently, the construction project can undergo problems. In fact, disgruntled customers of these unethical consultants have mentioned insufficient “hand-drilling” methods, falsified sampling depths and fraudulent data. Ultimately, this can cause rejection by the building department, change orders, re-testing requirements and other additional work. 

Nobody Can Actually Predict or Promise Low Results

Additionally, there have been complaints about these companies “promising low results” at the time of the sale. This is highly misleading and unethical for any consultant or company to do. In fact, it is impossible for anyone to predict the results of a methane test. Typical Los Angeles Basin soils are non-homo-genius. Thus, soil and soil-gas baring characteristics are variable from site-to-site. As a result, each property can comprise different methane soil gas concentrations. And methane test results cannot possibly be predicted, even if the neighboring lot has been tested before.

In general, a methane test price quote lower than $2,000 warrants concern.

Avoid Cheap Methane Soil Test Cost

Avoid Cheap Methane Soil Test Cost (Hoomar)

Get a Site-Specific Price Estimate & Cost 

Despite the information above, Geo Forward recommends each consumer obtain a site-specific price quote for methane testing. Prices are variable as a result of property characteristics, design parameters regional geology and more. For more information, or to obtain a site-specific price quote, call (888) 930-6604 to speak with a professional geologist today.    

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